Simon and Gracie

Just wanted to thank you for such an utterly adorable kitten in Gracie. 

She's thoroughly enjoying herself and she's extremely affectionate. It is a testament to how loving and caring her environment must have been with your family. 

It must have been a wrench to part with her, but we are very grateful shes an absolute delight. 

You're right about the nose kissing and she does love a back and shoulder ride!

Debbie with Dusty and Nala
We love box parties! 🥳🐱📦 #twilightlit

Fantastic loving family, in a perfect family home. Our 2 kittens are amazing and Chloe has been great, a new friend. We are always now sharing photos of the kittens and mum/dad.
Our kittens are so relaxed and love new people all the time. However they do love a bit too much - a pot plant and shoe laces xx

Trish and Nala

She really is a well mannered little lady- we love her!!

She is settling in just perfectly, shes wonderful. She has not been one bit of trouble she is a gentle and content little girl. She's now playing up and down the stairs with my older girl x

Chris L
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Chloe is very knowledgable, and helpful when talking about the breed.
The house and place where the cats are is immaculate, and it is clearly a loving home. The cats are stunning and have lovely inquisitive characteristics. I would have no problem recommending someone to go here in the future.

Laura and Luna

To anyone considering getting a Maine Coon baby of their own, you won't need to look any further. Chloe has been fantastic from the first time we spoke. Full of knowledge and love for her cats. Myself and my partner feel ever so lucky to have been chosen to have one of Chloe's Tuono 'greys litter' kittens. It almost felt meant to be when I found out the litter were named after my favourite TV show.
We were given frequent updates with regular photos and videos so we were able to get to know our kitten and it made the wait until we could take her home a little easier!
Our kitten Luna ('Torres') is the most beautiful bundle of joy and is very playful and affectionate. Her wonderful nature and personality is from all of the love, care and affection Chloe has given to raise the kittens in her wonderful home. It was a pleasure to meet her other cats and of course mum & dad (Raife & Lady Grey)
We couldn't be happier!!

Becky and Rocket
Isn’t a cute fluffy kitten every little

Would thoroughly recommend Grey Tuono Maine Coons. Chloe has been an absolute gem from the moment we decided we wanted a kitten right to the day we got him. Nothing is too much trouble. We received weekly updates and extras whenever we needed a kitten fix. Everything we needed to know was communicated very clearly (we are first time maine coon owners), all questions we had were answered promptly and Chloe demonstrated her huge knowledge on the breed.
As for our new fur baby....he is the most beautiful, loving kitten and this is testament to the time and love Chloe and her sweet daughter have put into him and his siblings. He’s an absolute delight and we couldn’t be happier with our new addition to the family. We feel so lucky to have been allowed to have one of these precious kittens and look forward to being able to update Chloe with his progress.

Pam and Alan with Snowmoon and Silverstar

“Thank you Chloe - we have two most delightful kittens!   Thanks to your love and great care in raising them, Snowmoon and Silverstar are extremely loving and affectionate.   They are confident, happy, inquisitive and very mischievous!   You put your whole heart into looking after and raising Lourds’ litter of seven and kept us in touch with their progress with updates and photos.   They are a testament to your love of your cats, their welfare and happiness.   We are so pleased we found you and look forward to keeping in touch and to S and S growing up and enjoying their lives with us.”