Lady Grey of Grey Tuono

The snobby one

My favourite girl and she knows it! Lady Grey is a Black Silver Classic Tabby. She doesn't stand for any messing around and she keeps everyone else in check- She is top of the GT hierarchy and she likes to keep it that way. Lady loves to chase her tail and she is always down for a chin rub. She has given us three amazing litters and she is always a fantastic mum, we are very grateful for the lovely babies she has added to the Grey Tuono gang. Lady will be spayed in 2021 and will retire into a life of luxury with us, she will really enjoy hanging out with Raife more often as they always used to be besties when they were younger. Lady Grey is my number one girl, shes scatty and sassy and so, so pretty. I couldn't live without her cute little face. 

Cosy cat 🖤 #ladygrey #mygirl #mylove #m

Mainekatjies Lourds of Grey Tuono

The naughty one

Our Welsh girl Lourds is our beautiful Blue with White. She is full of mischief and brings so much laughter and joy into the home- if there is ever any trouble, you know Lourds will be involved! Lourds likes to do all the things she shouldn't like climbing the curtains, eating the post and balancing on top of the TV. Lourds is the loudest of the Grey Tuono gang and she is always giving someone back chat, she will track you down each evening and shout at you until you sit down for a cuddle. Lourds loves to chill out by slumping down on top of you and having her belly rubbed while she suckles on one of her scallop edged blankets (which we have all over the house!). Lourds had a litter of seven babies with Raife (the Gangster Litter) in mid January 2021. Unfortunately, she became very unwell when they were little and they were hand reared which allowed her the time and comfort to recover. We couldn't risk another health scare for our Lourdy Pops and decided a spay was in her best interests. There wont be anymore GT babies from Lourds but we have her home and she is fighting fit and we value that above all else. 

Lourds is hot on security and takes a ca

Big Hannibals Mystic Diamond of Grey Tuono

The baby one

Diamond is our Blue Smoke baby all the way from Germany. She moved in with us in October 2020 and hasn't stopped being busy, busy, busy! Diamond has developed a lovely nurturing relationship with Crookshanks- they are never far away from each other and love to cuddle up in the evening. Diamond also loves to run up your back and potter around the house on your shoulders, she will give a lovely loud purr when shes found the best position in the crook of your neck. She has such a lovely character- full of confidence, love and mischief. This is a testament to her breeder and the way she has been raised. We hope to welcome a litter between Diamond and Raife late in 2021. 


Maineguardians Crookshanks of Grey Tuono

The fluffy one

Crookshanks is my daughter- Iris' (long awaited) kitten. She is a Red Ticked Tabby with White- our token Red of the gang. Crookshanks was quiet and thoughtful when she first moved in, she has since found her confidence through her close relationship with Diamond and has become unstoppable! Crookshanks is a bit of a wind-up merchant to the older kids in the gang- she likes to flaunt herself (and her big bushy tail) and can be a bit too much 'kitten' for the others to deal with! Her favourite toys are little cat springs and feather sticks and she will play for hours! She is a wonderful play mate when we have a litter at home and is an excellent mentor in 'showing them the ropes'. We will be breeding with Raife and Crookshanks although this wont be until much later in 2021. We never anticipated a Red in the GT HQ but we absolutely adore this girl and are very excited to see the kittens that will come from this pairing. 


Grey Tuono's Queen of the South

The one I couldn't let go! 

Queenie- as she is fondly known- is one of Lourds' daughters from our Gangster Litter. It was such an awful and emotional time when Lourds was poorly and I had a strong sense that I owed it to her to keep one of her babies- as well as falling head over heals in love with this little one too. Queenie was early spayed as she was not kept with the intention of breeding. Having been hand reared from an early age, Queenie is so affectionate, cuddly and real little Mummy's girl. Just like her mum, Queenie loves to make muffins and suckle on her fleece baby blanket at bedtime. Queenie sleeps on or very near my head and has the loudest purr. She is an absolute joy to be around and gets along with everyone, she and Lourds are getting reacquainted and particularly enjoying their quiet evenings with Raife.