Dark Daemon's

Raife Royale


Raife is my show stopping Blue Smoke Italian import and King of the Grey Tuono household. Raife has a wonderful and strong heritage with some big names in his pedigree. 

Raife lives in the house with us and the girls. He is very well behaved and gets on well with everyone. He may look mean but he is the softest boy and he is a gentleman with the girls. 

 Raife is a little bit daft and a real Mummy's Boy. He is a man of routine and looks forward to his evening groom every night before bed and he loves to greet the girls each morning for breakfast. Raife will not-so-subtly remind me its bedtime each night by shouting, staring, knocking over drinks or swiping things off the sides until I get the Dreamies out! 

Raife has sired three wonderful litters with Lady Grey. We are really looking forward to seeing his future kittens with Lourds.