Breeding process

I do not announce pregnancies as I have found this leads to an increase of admin when my time needs to be spent caring for and monitoring my pregnant girls. Instead, our litters are announced a week or two after birth. In the initial days, I am led by Mum, observing and assisting when I am needed. When Mum is confident and her kittens are thriving, they leave our bedroom and set up camp in my office. Mum enjoys the company which puts her at ease and gives her some normality.

Our kittens have their own play room and run of the house when they are bigger. In the early stage, I focus on supporting Mum with their development in weaning and toilet training. In the later stage, they completely become their own, initiating their own playtime and approaching us for affection and interactions. I love watching each kitten build their own identity and it is such a pleasure to be a part of this development.

Breeding plan

My cats produce Blue, Blue Smoke, Blue Silver Tabby and Blue with White kittens (Crookshanks will give us a wonderful variety of colours in the future!). Each of my four girls will have a date with Raife this year and I hope many babies will follow. We are not planning a litter now until later in the summer. Mystic Diamond and Crookshanks will not have litters until very late in 2021.


I do not hold a waiting list as we simply don’t have the number of kittens to go around everyone who expresses an interest. I prefer that prospective pet parents wishing to have a Grey Tuono kitten will properly introduce themselves and take time to get to know the whole GT gang first. Our kittens will only be sold to approved families who are willing to share a little about themselves and their families. When I am considering new families, it helps to have as much information as possible to ensure the kitten is paired with the right family.

Please note that all of our kittens are registered with TICA on the 'Not For Breeding' (NFB) register and I absolutely do not sell kittens for breeding. 

I’m so happy that these beautiful girls

Our kittens are ready to be rehomed after 13 weeks. They will come:

Fully Vaccinated and vet checked twice



Flea and wormed-with their next dose supplied

Litter box trained

Fully weaned onto a high quality diet of wet and dry foods


5 generation Pedigree Certificate

5 weeks free Agria kitten insurance policy


and a 'kitten goodie bag' filled with blankets, food, treats and toys ready for their new home. 

Grey Tuono’s Cupid’s Bow and Violets are
Dark Clouds

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