Please Note: as we have lost our beautiful boy- Raife Royale, we do not feel we can, or want to continue breeding any longer. Instead, we have begun a new venture as a legacy to him and all that he gave us over the short time we had with him. Please visit our GTG Moments page at Etsy by following the below link.  

Thank you x

I am a very proud TICA registered breeder under the prefix of  'Grey Tuono' (which means Thunder in Italian). We live in Gloucestershire, UK and have been breeding for around two years. It was never my intention to become a breeder- like many others- for years, more than anything I wanted to have my own Maine Coon as a pet to love and cuddle and be the best companion. When Lady Grey came into my life with breeding rights I started investing my time into the world of breeding. I became registered, I did my research, and I devoted myself to my own unique way of breeding that aligns with my ethical standpoint and ensures my cats and kittens experience the very best lives.

My girls- Lady Grey, Lourds, Mystic Diamond and Crookshanks, all live in our home alongside us and Raife. It is quite typical for breeders to house their stud boys outside or separate from their girls. Whilst I appreciate there are benefits to this, subjecting Raife to a solitary life is not something I have ever been comfortable with. Raife is such a sociable being (and a bit of a doofus!), he would be so unhappy to be isolated. As much as I tend to my cat’s physical health, their mental wellbeing is also very important to me- I know their routines, their preferences and their personalities. Each and all of my cats bring so much to our home and they are a huge part of our family, they live alongside each other in harmony (although Lady Grey can be quite bossy at times!) and they really are treasured.

My approach to breeding comes from the days of being a prospective pet parent myself and all the things I wanted in a kitten, a cat, and a long-standing member of the family. The Maine Coon kitten I envisaged was happy, healthy and confident and I knew in order to have this, I needed to find a breeder who was entirely focussed on their kittens and how they were raised until they were ready to leave. We have a busy home with four human children; myself and my husband are always home. As a family we have the time and love to invest in our kittens and allow them to grow, play and develop naturally into self-assured, affectionate and gregarious kittens.

I never want to compromise on the time and attention I can offer each of my cats. We are a small, home based cattery and do not plan on expanding more than our current arrangements. I am not in competition with anyone and have no intention to be the ‘biggest’. This does mean that I can’t offer everyone a kitten who expresses an interest but I can make assurances that our kittens are given the absolute best start to life and are loved and cherished (and squished several times a day) until they are ready to leave us for their new families.

My adult cats are- of course- genetically tested and clear for the primary genetic issues affecting Maine Coons including Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKDef) in addition to regular FIV & FeLV testing to ensure they are healthy at the time of breeding. I am also a member of TICA's Code of Ethics and responsible breeder program.

My focus always has been and will remain as such to give my cats a safe, loving and fulfilling life and to raise our kittens in the same way.

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